How to Draw A Mack Truck

Mac trucks… wow, their amazing. The best part about those truck drivers that drive them is the fact how they honk the horn when you ask them to. Why am I saying this? No reason, I just like typing. I also want to spit out what a mack truck is. A mack truck is one of those trucks that you see with extensions in back on them (Oil, gasoline, water, Coke, Pepsi, you name it.) I want to share as much as I know about drawing mack trucks and by telling you what they are is part of the teaching process. Why draw something that you don’t know? Then again, why are you viewing this drawing tutorial? I know, right? So how do you draw a mack truck? You start off with the basic shapes. Because a mack truck has a square shape, your going to draw lot’s of squares in this lesson. Remember that you have to use shapes when you draw, like when you draw anime characters you draw a circle for the face and a triangle attached for the chin.

How to Draw A Tractor

Sorry for the lack of content, so here’s the deal: I’ll edit all the old tutorials, and  I’ll upload new tutorials. There, now everyone is happy. So what do I have for a lesson today? I have a unique lesson, which is a tractor. That’s right, a tractor, which is the most buycbdproducts vehicle for tilling farm soil. If you think about, a tractor looks like the main train connector. Don’t know what it’s called, but I do know that the train captain sticks his/her head out the window whistling. Hey! I know it’s a radio type, but that’s what the train captains do. Right? Of course :D

Okay, finished with the summary/intro above, so let’s understand the shape of a  tractor. A tractor has a square shape to it. Actually, in matter of fact, a tractor is square. A tractor shouldn’t be hard to draw because it’s like drawing with squares and drawing 2 big wheels in back and 2 small wheels in front. So as a good teacher, I have a drawing video to share. Also read some more for other stuff that I got to share.

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How to Draw A Fire Truck

Drawing a fire truck is really hard but could be fun. It depends on your skills to draw a fire truck. If your a pro at drawing, then it might be easy, if your an amateur, I would start off with a cartoon or basic fire truck, and then edit that basic fire truck or cartoon fire truck to make it more detailed/realistic. So, why not begin with just a video. I don’t think I could actually make an article that tells you detail by detail on how to draw a fire truck, especially a vehicle that’s high detailed with designs and pieces. Below is a drawing video that will seem way advanced probably for you, but just try getting the shapes done that you learn from the video.

How to Draw A Truck

Alright, let’s begin the website with drawing a basic truck. We also have more advanced drawing tutorials for those who are more advanced with art. I think you’ll find the website quite useful. So, how do you draw a truck? When I draw a truck, I start off with the shapes. The shape of a truck is a lone rectangle if it’s a mac truck. If it’s just a pickup truck, I’ll start with a rectangle that is skinny in height. After that, draw the other shapes that you see in a truck. Circles for tires or headlights, a rectangle for the back trunk, anything that you see should start off with a shape. A YouTube video below will show you every technique that teaches you how to draw a truck step-by-step. Enjoy!