How to Draw A Tractor

Sorry for the lack of content, so here’s the deal: I’ll edit all the old tutorials, and  I’ll upload new tutorials. There, now everyone is happy. So what do I have for a lesson today? I have a unique lesson, which is a tractor. That’s right, a tractor, which is the most best vehicle for tilling farm soil. If you think about, a tractor looks like the main train connector. Don’t know what it’s called, but I do know that the train captain sticks his/her head out the window whistling. Hey! I know it’s a radio type, but that’s what the train captains do. Right? Of course :D

Okay, finished with the summary/intro above, so let’s understand the shape of a  tractor. A tractor has a square shape to it. Actually, in matter of fact, a tractor is square. A tractor shouldn’t be hard to draw because it’s like drawing with squares and drawing 2 big wheels in back and 2 small wheels in front. So as a good teacher, I have a drawing video to share. Also read some more for other stuff that I got to share.

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